1.1 What is the concept of law of attraction?

What is the law of attraction ? The Law of Attraction, also known as the Law of Attraction , is this doctrine of the new ideological spiritual movement. In it, it refers to the relationship between positive and negative thoughts and people’s experiences in life.

According to this theory, like-minded people are formed from positive energy interactions. From there, they have more health, more relationships.

1.2 Working principle of the law of attraction

The law of attraction will work according to the following mechanism:

  • When you feel excited, passionate, happy, joyful, enthusiastic, etc., this is when you are radiating the most positive energy.
  • Whenever you are bored, anxious, stressed, angry, you will emit negative energy.

All your thoughts and feelings become signals sent and you will receive the same in return. Because the vibrations will attract the energy back along with the frequency. You should be sure that you are sending thoughts, feelings, and energies that are appropriate for your own needs. If you are looking for joy, love, comfort, then create and maintain that emotion for a long time.

1.3 Is the law of attraction real or not?

We already know that everything in the universe is formed from a source of energy. For example, the building, the book is made up of trillions of individual atoms. Small energy bundles bond with other atoms and create water, metals, earth, etc., collectively known as raw materials used in production.

What is the law of attraction?
Is the law of attraction real?

Human (non-physical) thinking is also made of energy. It can link and interact with the physical world. For example, human brain waves, which are high-energy forms, are easily detected by specialized medical equipment. It is also capable of interacting with the physical world in other forms of energy.

Currently, there are many scientific articles proving that human thinking has the ability to influence every aspect of life. Therefore, our thoughts, whether unconscious or not, affect our worldview.

As can be seen, the law of attraction is real and it always exists in people’s daily lives.

2. The benefits of applying the law of attraction

2.1 Law of attraction attracts money

Most of us humans have a common goal of abundance, financial wealth. Money brings the most practical and obvious benefits to life. To be able to attract more money, you should get rid of negative thoughts in your head. You should form a positive habit of making money with the help of intuitive tools and techniques. Because according to the law of attraction , positivity creates positivity.

2.2 Improved thinking

Law of Attraction
Law of Attraction improves thinking

If you are thinking about an old motorcycle with a lot of potential for breakdown, then you should picture yourself running a new, better and quieter car. That helps you focus on what you want in life. This is also how you are sending a direct message to the world that you expect good things. As can be seen, the law of attraction is helping you to improve that better mindset.

2.2 Improve morale

When practiced, applying the law of attraction well will help you improve your mental state significantly. If in the past when having problems, pressure at work, life made you sad, negative thoughts, now you will get rid of that. With the law of attraction, it helps your spirit to always be in a happy, optimistic, loving state and radiate the most positive energy.

2.3 Attracting love

Do you believe the law of attraction helps you to attract love? Surely many of you are still wondering about this issue.

Law of Attraction
The law of attraction helps attract love

In fact, there are many techniques and exercises related to the law of attraction that increase self-confidence, attractiveness and openness to subconscious love. In this way, you will attract your true friend and soul mate.

3. How to apply the law of attraction in work & life

When you find yourself responsible for your life, it’s time to apply the law of attraction . Below we will share with you the fastest and most effective practice.

3.1 Stay positive

Positive thinking is an important factor in helping you create the life you want. These thoughts will completely eliminate the limiting thought, negative energy, low self-esteem that you have received before.

Always think positive
Always think positive

When applying the theory of gravity, it requires the performer to affirm his beliefs to life. Your thoughts and words will be a statement about how you are seeing this life.

3.2 Not suspicious

“I want to be successful, I want people to admire my talent. But the law of attraction did not satisfy my will.” Are you doubting this rule?

You need to remember, the law of attraction exists at all times and affects you, whether you realize it or not. If it doesn’t work, check yourself, chances are you’re too ambitious.

3.3 What you don’t want – don’t spend a lot of energy

You should never use your energy on emotions such as: Jealousy, anger, hatred, anxiety, etc. That only makes you sucked into a negative life. To maintain and accumulate positive energy, you should start from the simplest things such as: Say thank you, say sorry, appreciate what you have, …

3.4 Don’t be afraid to change

With all these years of experience, do you feel that every time you try to avoid a problem, you get it faster? Only when you face it, everything will be fine.

You should try to change yourself every day, open up to experience and accept new things. It will help you increase your experience, learn more good things. However, you should remember, change is not venturing into a foreign territory, a field of ignorance!

3.5 Don’t worry too much about the future

Have you ever heard, been taught that “you have to know how to take care of the future.” Today you work hard for tomorrow, but tomorrow you have to work hard for the next day. If you only live to think about the future, you are sacrificing your time for it. At this point, you need to slow down a bit to pay attention to the present.

Of course we need a dream, a purpose to live, but just think about it, don’t worry too much!

3.6 Clearly define the goal to be achieved

It is ambiguous if you have no goal or destination. It’s like getting lost in the woods with no support at all. It was worse!

determine the target
Define goals to be achieved

Therefore, you need to determine what the goal you want to have is to build the perfect direction, plan and plan.

4. Things to avoid when practicing the law of attraction

As learned above, the law of attraction helps you stay positive and achieve your goals in life. But it is also easy to make you fall, embark on the wrong path. Therefore, when practicing, you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • Avoid vague, ambiguous desires.
  • Avoid negative thoughts that affect the spirit.
  • Don’t worry too much about the future that you forget your present needs.
  • Do not be in a hurry, rush to the finish line too soon. Because it is a long process to build trust and effort.
  • Avoid small desires that do not create lasting motivation.

The law of attraction  is the key to success if you know how to apply it properly. Hopefully this information will help you understand the benefits of the law of attraction and its practice. Good luck!